Obama and Rapleaf – Join the Data Team

Rapleaf helps you better understanding your customers to provide a richer experience for those  interact with you.  Rapleaf’s Marketing Services provide the tools you need to deliver the experience your customers expect through the following (from the Rapleap website) –

  • Online Media Report – Gain understanding of your customers’ social web usage
  • Data Append – Enhance your customer email database
  • Lead Scoring API – Capture real-time insight and information about web leads
  • Salesforce Integration – Learn more about Contacts and Leads you interact with

Here’s a great example from the Obama campaign.  I received the below email asking me to join the Obama Data Team.   It is extremely targeted to those like me who have Data-related skills and interests.  How did they do this? I believe they used Rapleap to look through their email database and find people on social networks who have an interest in Data and Analytics, like me.

Targeted Email from Obama Campaign
Targeted Email from Obama Campaign

This is pretty sophisticated, but there are much simpler ways to target your organization’s emails. For example, target existing past donors, new donors, sustaining donors, those who like Brooklyn, organic farming or whatever your mission calls for, with specific, tailored messaging instead of “email blasting” everyone you know.


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