Email signatures and website links

Someone who supports your organization may be interested in going one step further to spread your work to their networks.  And you can make it easy for them.   Something as simple as an email signature that includes a link to your organization can give you a lot of exposure.

Kiva on my email signature

Kiva on my email signature

Many people ask me about Kiva after receiving an email from me because every email I send includes an email signature that points people to my Kiva lender page.

Some of my friends have joined me in lending to entrepreneurs in the developing world through this promotion.  And some of even added a link to their Kiva lending page to their personal emails.

My signature is just text because gmail doesn’t allow images in the signature. However, it would be even more effective to show the Kiva logo and a photo of a lender. Other email programs allow this.

Kiva goes one step further and has a page on their website with a form to invite your friends, images you can embed in your website and email signature messages.  All the supporter needs to do is copy and paste the given code on their site.

Kiva Borrower Banner

Kiva Borrower Banner

Kiva logo banners

Kiva logo banners

Small things like this multiplied by many supporters can go a long way!  It may make sense for your organization to add this method of promotion to your marketing toolkit.


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