Adding Events to Calendar

An easy way to make sure patrons remember your organization’s events is to place a link on your site that automatically adds event information to Google Calendar, iCal (Apple calendar system) or Outlook.  I picked those three because they seem to be the most widely used though I’m sure there are others.

Here is an example of adding to a Femi Kuti concert to a Google Calendar (look right below Gates Open at 6PM)

Femi Kuti - Add to Google Calendar

Femi Kuti - Add to Google Calendar

  • Click to see how easy it is add this event to your Google calendar (You can do this with Outlook and iCal as well)

Add to Google Calendar

  • You can make this feature more visible by adding a familiar Google Calendar button

  • You can link all of your organization’s upcoming events to a public Google calendar so they events are searchable in Google Public Events for more exposure.  Just be sure to keep the feed up-to-date and accurate.  (I just added a Brooklyn Bike Tour to my calendar.  The event was supposed to be Saturday, June 21st form 11-3, but the information in their automatic link was inputted as June 21st 11 PM – Sunday June 22nd 3 AM. I had to manually fix it in my calendar.)
Make Your Organization's Event Public and Searchable

Make Your Organization's Event Public and Searchable

  • If you don’t already have a calendar of events on your website, you can embed a customized Google calendar on your site by copying and pasting a simple snippet of code.
Sample Google Map

Sample Google Map

Automatically adding events to a calendar will help people remember your events.  Spending the summer in New York, there are tons of competing events going on and it’s hard to keep up.  If the organization makes it easy for me, I would be more likely to particpate.


Addition to post:  Image from below comment

NYC Parks Department Event Calendar

NYC Parks Department Event Calendar


2 responses to this post.

  1. The Parks Department has a great example of adding events to multiple calendars (image above) –

    When you click on “Add to Calendar,” it opens up to show Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, Google Calendar, and iCal.

    Easy to use, great execution, clean design. Nice work Parks Department!


  2. Thanks for the helpful info. It has helped me with my blog…:)


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