Project Lethal Sheethal: Poll to Pick the Winning Name!

I conducted a contest to name my consulting company.  Entries were collected through the blog, through email, in person, and on the phone.   I have narrowed down the choices and now it’s time to pick the winner.  The winner gets 10 hours of consulting to donate to their favorite non-profit!

Click to learn more about the contest: Project Lethal Sheethal

Essentially, I would like the name to evoke any or all of the following traits –

  • STRATEGIC – Plan, implement and measure your organization’s online marketing communications
  • USER-FOCUSED – Obtain meaningful feedback from patrons and constituents to guide your work
  • LISTENING-BASED – Hear what people are talking about through social media and manage your reputation online
  • RESEARCH-DRIVEN – Use qualitative research and analytics to measure your goals
  • SIMPLE TO IMPLEMENT – Online marketing can be easy, I promise!
  • ME – Please see Lethal Sheethal to learn about what I do and also my work with Financial Literacy
  • POSITIVITY – I started my company to work on meaningful projects for organizations affecting positive social change
  • FUN – Life is fun, the internet is fun

Thanks to all my family,  friends and colleagues who submitted names and thanks to you for voting!  Soon I’ll have a name…




2 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck on the fellowship!


  2. And the winner is….


    I love it.

    Thanks for all who submitted entries and thanks to all who voted!


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