Lethal Sheethal’s Kiva Fellowship Fundraiser and Congrats to Raffle Winners

Going Away / Kiva Support Party

Featuring Bulldog lemonade and pisco sours by Mixologist Sheethal, arepas, beans and rice, BBQ by Grillmaster Tokumbo and red velvet cupcakes by CakeMan Raven, the party was a blast!  I got to talk to many friends and meet some new ones.  I also introduced Kiva to some people who had never heard of the organization before.

Thank you all so much for your support of my work with Kiva.  I have collected so many good thoughts from the Going Away Party and so many personal messages from those who could not make it that I will keep with me during my trip.

Some of you have said that my work is inspiring to you.  That is very kind.  I think many of us do great things to support our local communities and help make the world better.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time.  I am looking forward to doing a small part to support Kiva’s mission and learn more about the reality of microfinance in the rural Cusco region.

As the days are counting down to my departure, I’m getting excited but also realizing how much I will miss my husband, my family and my friends during my time away.  Fulfilling a dream comes with sacrifice but this experience will be priceless.  Thank you again for all of your support!

Raffle Winners

  • bike tune up from Bespoke Bicycles = KIRAN
  • dinner for two at Deniz, the yummy Turkish restaurant on Fulton = COLLEEN
  • dinner for two at iCi, seasonal menus from locally-sourced ingredients in a brownstone parlor = HELENE
  • $50 gift certificate for Aqualis Grill, mediterranean specializing in fish = MICHELLE
  • 1 hour tennis lesson from Master Pro Kiran Rao = CAROL
  • 1 hour tennis lesson from Master Pro Kiran Rao = LORENE
  • Orientation Package for the Manhattan Plaza Climbing Gym = TARA
  • Orientation Package for the Manhattan Plaza Climbing Gym = MARCIA
  • bottle of Peruvian Pisco = STACEY
  • bottle of Bulldog Gin = CAROL
  • The Blue Sweater book by Jacqueline Novagratz, founder of the Acumen Fund = CHARLES

Congratulations to everyone who won!  And thanks again to all of the entrepreneurs who generously donated fantastic prizes for the raffle. Please support local businesses by patronizing their stores and restaurants and support Peruvian entrepreneurs with loans through Kiva.

Photos from the party!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And please see my friend Lorene’s photos on Facebook.


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