Client Testimonials

Uncommon Schools

“When we find something that works well for one school, we create efficiencies by using it across our network.  Sheethal’s work is flexible to use across all of our schools and will save us a ton of staff time.  Sheethal even went beyond the assigned project to suggest improvements to the network-wide system.  We are thankful for her efforts.”

-Tara M. Marlovits, Chief Operating Officer, Preparatory Network, Uncommon Schools

Leadership Prep

“Sheethal’s analytics work will be amazingly useful for our network (all 4 Uncommon Schools plus 2 more Leadership Preps in 2010)!  Sheethal also did a helpful in-person training session and created clear documentation to follow once the project was done.  We’re so glad to have worked with her!”

-Analiza Quiroz, Director of Operations, Leadership Prep Brownsville (Part of the Uncommon Schools network)

Dr. Gary Tracey, OD

“I was very impressed with Sheethal and her knowledge of how to design an effective website. It is not always easy to find a person who will listen and get on the same wavelength of what you are trying to accomplish. I am looking forward to following the development of the site. Thanks for pushing me forward with this.

-Dr. Gary Tracey, OD


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