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Add This Share Button

Add This – check out the site, choose a button and go through the step-by-step tutorials
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install in the sidebar and CSS template of your blog or website, newsletter, etc.  Tutorials available for different sites.
  • Easy to edit the button if you want to customize
  • Register and get some analytics emailed weekly to you.  When I get my first report, I’ll update this post.
Here is the one I put on my WordPress and Blogger hosted blogs.  The button can be customized or pared down to suit your needs.
Bookmark and Share
It is supposed to expand to show the most popular sharing methods.
Add This Expanded

Add This Expanded

Note: doesn’t allow CSS editing in the free version so I didn’t post a button at the bottom of each post like I did for my Blogger blogs.  It also strips out the Javascript so when you hover over the Share graphic, it doesn’t expand the popular sharing tools.  Kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me.
Social media works well when things are easy to share.