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Kiva Gift Certificates, Kiva Loans, Kiva Lending Teams: More ways to support my Kiva Fellowship in Peru

Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

Kiva Fellows support that mission by being the on the ground connector between the Microfinance Institution and Kiva.  Please read more about my Kiva Fellowship here.

Here are a couple more ways to support Kiva and my Kiva Fellowship in Peru:

1. Buy a Kiva gift certificate for me:

With the Kiva gift certificate, I can make a loan to a Kiva borrower and as the loan is paid back, I can withdraw the money to use for my Kiva Fellowship.  This support Kiva’s borrowers and my Kiva Fellowship.  Here is my Kiva lender page:

Here’s how to purchase a Kiva gift certificate:

  1. Go to Kiva’s gift certificate page
  2. Choose the amount
  3. Choose the number of gift certificates
  4. Enter my First Name, Last Name, Email: and confirm it
  5. Enter a personal message (For example: “Hope you don’t get Dengue Fever!” or “Please lend to a widow in Cambodia, if available” or something more personal that would make me smile when I’m feeling lonely reading it from Cusco)
  6. Click “Purchase Kiva Gift Certificate(s)”
  7. Click “Agree to Terms of Service”
  8. Decide if you would like to “tip” Kiva with a donation to their operating costs (Remember, Kiva is dedicated to transparency.  100% of all loans go directly to the borrower.  Kiva does not take any portion of your loan amount for their operating costs)
  9. Review your purchase.  If you already have a Kiva account and have Kiva credit, you can use that credit to buy a gift certificate
  10. Click “Purchase”  If you don’t have enough Kiva credit, this step will take you to PayPal
  11. Log-in to PayPal or use your credit card
  12. Complete your purchase

Voilá!  You have supported a Kiva borrower and my Kiva Fellowship!

Buy a Kiva Gift Certificate - Support Kiva and My Kiva Fellowship

Buy a Kiva Gift Certificate - Support Kiva and My Kiva Fellowship

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