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Updating multiple social networks with

Check out for updating multiple social networks.

This site allows you to easily update Twitter, your Facebook Page status or Fan Page, Linked In status, and so many more other networks with the same post.

Here’s an image of some of the networks.  This is only screenshot of the first page.  Clearly they have covered their bases.

Update multiple social networks in one place with

Update multiple social networks in one place with

What’s great about this site is you can broadcast one message everywhere with very little effort.  It’s much easier to manage your organization’s social media campaign when you only have to update your message in one place.  Plus you can also keep your mzessage consistent across the public domain.

However, if you want to post different messages in different places or post only to some of your social networks, you can set up groups of networks.  For example, I only use Twitter and LinkedIn for professional comments but I often post personal comments on Facebook.  For this reason, I have created a professional and personal profile so I can post to different networks based on the content of the update.

One thing that complicates this “post to all places” idea is that people on Twitter use hash (#) tags to tag posts while Facebook does not.  (For example, #kiva if you are talking about Kiva, so when people search for posts, they see yours.  Hash tagging makes your posts more visible to Tweeters.)  It might be useful to set up a Ping group for Twitter separately because you may risk alienting those on other networks who don’t read the hash tag language.  Any thoughts on this issue, please post a comment or message me.

Please feel free to ask me how to get started with!