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iGive – Helped with $4 Donation

If you are like me and you pretty much buy everything online, check out iGive.  You can support an organization of your choice.  I chose Kiva and my last two online purchases gave the organization $4.

Here’s a clip from their newsletter –

iGive newsletter - Kiva helped with a $4 donation and other stores

iGive newsletter - Kiva helped with a $4 donation and promoting other stores

When I use iGive’s search engine to click through to the store website, the click gives a couple cents to the organization.  When I buy something from the store through a click from iGive’s website, a percentage of the profit (depending on the agreement) goes to the organization.

If I’m going to shop, might as well get the store to donate part of the profit to something I care about.

This is a great use of donation through Pay per Click advertising, social networking (you can invite your friends to give.  First time shoppers get $5 to donate on their first purchase within 45 days of signing up.)

Check out and see if it makes sense to ask your patrons to support you while they shop.