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Thinking about the Collective, Selflessness and a Year of Service

Thinking about the Collective, Selflessness and a Year of Service

During this year’s September 11th tribute, I thought about Obama’s call to make that day of National Day of Service.  Is one day enough to make a difference or does it promote slacktivism?  I donate time and money to various organizations.  I’m even going to Peru for 6 months to volunteer as a Kiva Fellow and I still don’t think that is enough.

Every Israeli citizen goes into the army when they turn 18.  Leaving aside the combat draft idea for a moment, why shouldn’t the U.S. have a similar program?  A year of service, broadly speaking (whether in the military, volunteering for a non-profit community or civic organization) would teach a sense of collective, selflessness and respect for others as it seems to me that the trend these days is towards individualism and selfishness and disrespect.

Motivation for this post – Some recent examples of selfishness and individualism and disrespect:

Though I realize these examples are celebrities and political figures, known for large egos and outlandish behavior, these are examples we hear the most about in the news and on the internet, in social media, etc.  They may respond that it’s not their job to be a role model (except maybe the Congressman).  Even so, their public personas make them role models for the behavior of every day people and our children by default.

Some examples of Selflessness and the Collective

Maybe we are on to something…I wish selflessness examples got more air time than the selfishness. Continue reading