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SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101

(and not so difficult to implement)

3 Main Themes

  • Visibility
  • Popularity
  • Engagement and Conversation

Visibility – Identifying Content and Relevancy

  • Page Titles are important and must be labeled (don’t use the same ones for different pages. I’ve seen people just copy the titles from one page to another – bad idea). Title should be the singular most important subject of the page
  • Metadata describes the page
  • Header tags are important and should be also singularly focused or your pages will compete with each other
  • Header tags are more important than paragraph tags
  • Paragraph tags should use the same key words and phrase as the title and headers
  • Using Google Webmaster tools, submit your Site Map to Google so it will understand the structure (Here are some tips:
  • Site Search by Google
  • Add Google Analytics tracking code

Visibility – Clear easy to read code

  • Using web standards from W3C, make sure each pages starts with the standard code
  • You can validate the code through the W3C online
  • Use CSS template for design
  • Separate content from design
  • If you are using flash, make sure to have an HTML version as well
  • Note: Spider cannot read Javascript

Visibility – Videos and Images

  • Must have alternate text (make sure it’s descriptive of what is in the picture)
  • Tags are also a good thing (spider ignores pictures, can read text)
  • Good for accessibility (people with low vision/screen readers)

Did I mention visibility?


  • Links – inbound are better but outbound links are useful too (giving credit other to relevant quality content
  • Share buttons – like Digg, Facebook,, StumbleUpon, etc, See post on Add This Share buttons
  • RSS – Feedburner, Feed for All and submit to popular ones –

Engagement and Conversation

  • Constantly updating and fresh content gives the spider new areas to crawl
  • Posting on other blogs, adding comments and link backs
  • Comments create conversation on your site
  • User Forum (with tagged, classified entries)
  • Guest submissions
  • Twitter updates with link backs


  • SEO is not instantaneous
  • It takes some time to see results so patience is a virtue
  • Organic growth (with a little water and sunlight) is the best kind of growth
  • Stay away from Black Hat SEO techniques.  They are illegal and you can be caught
  • Google is not the only search engine, although it captures about 60% of the search traffic. The other 40% is split between Yahoo!, MSN, Ask and other smaller search engines, maybe MSN Bing will help MSN catch up to Google
  • What works for Google should work for other search engines
  • I haven’t done research on Webmaster Tools for Yahoo! And MSN but once you have optimized for Google, you can see what else you can do with other search engines

Feel free to reach out with comments, additions or questions!