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WNYC pledge email and contest

I love WNYC and listen almost every day.

It’s pledge time and I just received an email enticing me to give a donation with a contest to win a MacBook Pro and an Amazon Kindle.

I wanted to enter the contest but I am a monthly sustainer so my donation is automatically charged to my credit card every month. (Btw – this is a great system since I can support WNYC continuously without having to think about it. More on that in another post.)

I don’t want to give another pledge so the only box I could check off was one that said “No, I can’t contribute at this time, but please enter me in the Giveaway (Skip to Step 3 below)” which is not true since I am already giving.  See the section at the bottom of the form that says, “Or Make a Single Contribution in the amount of:

I am a monthly sustainer but can't let them know when I enter the MacBook Pro giveway.

I am a monthly sustainer but can't let them know when I enter the MacBook Pro giveway.

Some recommendations –

  • I would have liked to check off a box that says, “I am already a monthly sustainer” and not be labelled as someone who can’t give but enters contests for free stuff from an organization that needs support. This could also apply to someone who has already given their yearly pledge. Perhaps a checkbox that says, “I have already given a pledge.” One additional checkbox on the online form and a sustaining patrons can participate in the contest as well as feel acknowledged for the support they already provide every month. Besides donations, I would imagine WNYC is also interested in patrons continuing to participate in the brand.
  • One larger change to the form asking me if I already give with a message including my monthly pledge amount asking if I would consider increasing my donation. More on that in another post.
  • Some simple email targeting and patrons could get a more customized email that acknowledges their membership and then asks if they would like to increase their donation. Customize the landing page for this targeted email to acknowledge sustaining patrons.

These small changes are not complicated. Just require a bit of thought and planning. More on these themes in another post.