Work With Me

I can work on all or part of your organization’s online communications strategy –

  • PLAN – I can work with you and your staff to develop an effective strategic online communications plan including social media, search, your website content and usability and set measurable goals
  • PREPARE – Once an online communications plan has been approved, I can set up your web, marketing campaign and social media analytics system to measure your goals
  • EXECUTE – When you are ready to go live, I can help you realize your plan, learn what works and optimize for best results
  • TEACH – Become your organization’s digital expert!  I can work with your staff to manage your organization’s online presence and teach you what you need to know to manage your campaigns in-house

Depending on what your organization needs, a project can include just one or all of these parts.


Creating an effective online communications plan requires time with the organization staff, user research, and crafting a powerful strategy.  The deliverable is a comprehensive online communications plan consisting of

  • Target(s)
  • Overall Strategy
  • Goals
  • Metrics
  • Message(s)
  • Media
  • Tactics


To effectively measure and optimize your organization’s online marketing strategy, you need to have proper systems in place to collect the necessary data to make data-driven decisions.  The deliverables would be:

  • Detailed Prep Plan
  • Hands-on work with your staff/technical team
  • Proper implementation of your web analytics tool
  • Set up campaign tracking
  • Create social media accounts
  • Set up proper measurement tools
  • Testing


Outsource your communications work.  Executing an online communications plan requires an approved plan and access to your organization’s online marketing tools for successful execution.  I can manage:

  • User research
  • Social media outreach
  • Media campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Daily, weekly monthly, or quarterly progress reports, depending on the needs of your organization


Learning about digital marketing takes time and practice.  My deliverables  would consist of:

  • A Teaching Plan for your staff based on their learning pace
  • Supervised execution of your online marketing and social media strategy
  • Documentation and Resources for implementing the techniques I have taught for when your staff is ready to take on the program themselves


I may recommend some of the following tools to help make your online marketing a success.

Online Marketing

  • Paid Search Engine Marketing
  • Natural Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Media
  • Online and mobile fundraising tools

User Research

User research is key to learning how to speak to your online demographic and expand your base.

  • Website usability study
  • Website content feedback
  • Website poll
  • Website search
  • Website exit survey
  • Demographic and psychographic research
  • Online listening feedback (see Social Media for more detail)


Analytics is a topic many communications professionals avoid like the plague.  Having managed the data and analytics group of an online media agency, analytics was key to my work and necessary for my clients to gage the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.  Here are some analytics techniques:

  • Choosing and using a web analytics tool
  • Selecting goal and metrics
  • Measurement tool selection
  • Paid search and media optimization
  • Competitive research
  • Website and campaign tracking
  • Website and campaign tagging
  • Troubleshooting

Social Media

There are so many social media tools and they are ever changing.  It can be daunting to learn and time-consuming to manage.  Outsource the PLAN, PREPARE and EXECUTE steps to me.  Or I can TEACH you to do it yourself in an efficient and effective way.

Here are some thought starters for how to use social media


  • Monitor user comments on blogs, boards, microblogs
  • Measure your brand strength and reputation
  • Get feedback on your services, message and efficacy


  • Determine which tools to use
  • Learn how to use social media tools effectively
  • Online community building
  • Craft your message
  • Manage your brand reputation
  • Measure your impact
  • Analyze your effectiveness
  • Optimize your campaign


  • Set up social media accounts and online communities
  • Determine content
  • Update social media accounts and online community content


Fees can be per hour or per project, dependent upon the scope of work.  I would first discuss your needs and then give you a quote for the work required.  Since my work is dedicated to non-profit organizations and my expenses low, my fees are reasonable for organizations limited funds.

I will work hard to accomplish your online marketing goals and support your mission!


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